Welcome! My name is Alicia, founder of Alchemi Naturals. I am a travel nurse that enjoys learning about anything concerning health and wellness. Helping people discover the best natural remedies for their own unique needs is something I am passionate about.

On moving to California for a travel assignment in 2013, I began to notice the widespread culture of conscious nutrition, eating organically and awareness of natural remedies. Working at a number of different hospitals, I realized I needed my immune system to be at its highest peak to remain healthy. I was then inspired to create and provide a wonderful range of all-natural health and wellness products.

My debut remedy, a lovely elderberry syrup used to help combat the common cold, flu and allergies (to name just a few), is completely natural and prepared with care and a genuineness for helping others through sickness or to simply give your immune system a boost. With Alchemi Naturals, it is my hope that you choose to live longer and richer.